Canberra Business Chamber – The voice of business

As we enter our 11th year of operation, Cantlie is keen to continue to play its part in the Canberra business community, with Managing Director Keith Cantlie actively working as part of the board of the new Canberra Business Chamber.

The Canberra Business Chamber, formed from the coming together of the Canberra Business Council and the ACT & Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is the leading voice of business in Canberra and the region. The Chamber actively represents business through its services, policy, education, collaboration, networking, partnerships and communication.

Keith said “I am proud to be playing a part in this new organisation which brings together the heritage of these two leading bodes which will continue to work to inspire, empower & represent business across Canberra & the Capital region.”

Cantlie will play its part, along with the Canberra Business Chamber to build on Canberra’s Talented Future. “Whilst there are some challenges in our economy at this time” Keith said, “there is a real opportunity for us all to understand the interdependencies and build an economy which is diverse and resilient against future downturns in the public sector.”