Why Choose our Services

With almost two decades of recruitment experience in Canberra, we have developed a deep knowledge of the ACT region’s employment market and built extensive connections and professional networks. This deep-seated understanding enables us to respond quickly to changing market needs, developing and implementing specific strategies to support organisations in their executive recruitment or through our end to end insourced service.

Over time we have seen a significant change within the ACT (and region) market, with our clients clearly communicating that they are seeking a different value proposition in relation to the delivery of recruitment services. To meet this changing market, we developed a new pricing and service delivery model based around a consultancy approach. This model gives us the ability to adjust our service offering to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Our pricing structure clearly differentiates Cantlie in the market and provides our clients with a much stronger value proposition including access to fixed costs in relation to professional recruitment. Our goal with all our services is to build partnerships which allow strategic and targeted workforce development and create “Talent Pools” for our clients’ needs now and into the future.

All of our employment services are delivered utilising a range of tools and state of the art recruitment technology, providing our clients with enhanced organisational capability, delivering efficiencies and building a competitive edge.

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