Connect with Cantlie

The key to your career success is in your hands. Build on your expertise and understand the market!

If you are an executive looking to take on that next challenge and build on your career, then speak with us. We will work with you to gain a detailed understanding of your capability and organisational compatibility to ensure we achieve your best “job fit.” 

We use a partnership approach for all of our client relationships, ensuring open and straight forward communication. Like any partnership, the success of this relationship is based on each party actively working together to achieve the desired outcome.

We encourage you to make personal contact with us to discuss your executive career aspirations, at which point we will be able to advise you on how we can support you.

An initial phone call to 02 6239 7755 providing us with a broad outline of your career goals and your expertise will help us to kick start our conversation and understand where the employment opportunities may lay to build on your career. If you are unable to call or need to send us your resume email  

Our Market Expertise

Cantlie has developed extensive knowledge of the Canberra and region executive recruitment market. This key understanding allows us to provide quality and valued advice to individuals and employers alike.

We specialise in the recruitment of Chief Executive/Executive roles across the not-for-profit/for purpose, education and private sectors.